Subject: Important notice – Storage, Demurrage & Detention fees

Subject: Important notice – Storage, Demurrage & Detention fees

Storage, Demurrage & Detention fees

Dear customers and partners, 

The current market in container transport has grown disproportionately and is encountering unprecedented congestion problems. To minimize congestion and maintain the fluidity of the container network, changes from CN and CP are now in effect and have been for some time now. 

Pick up of the container?: 

  • 24 hr. delay awarded with no fees 

  • After the 24 hr., daily storage fees will apply 

  • Increase of the rate for the storagefee 

Container return 

  • 3 daysawardedwith no fees 

  • After the delay, detention charges will apply in addition to the shipping line fees 

Another problem created by congestion concerns the return of containers once empty. The yards are full, and we must overcome obstacles to be able to return them. This brings unforeseen delays beyond our control. 

 Given the situation, this willsometime imposeadditional costs either by the terminal (the port) or the shipping lines. We do everything in our power to implement solutions that minimize these costs, however, SotechNitram cannot be held responsible for any storage, demurrage and/or detention charges caused by the current conditions. 

 If you have any concerns and questions, do not hesitate to contact me at 450.975.2100 ext. 530 or via It will be my pleasure to answer you. 


Cordial greetings, 

 Jacinthe Martin 


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