2017 Donation

As in the past, Sotech Nitram renewed the idea of donating and decided to encourage this year the primary school of Saint-Pie, municipality where are located our division's office.

So we decided to approach the local primary school and invite them to participate in the creation of Christmas drawings, theme of transport and logistics. The activity was accepted with interest and we received some 300 drawings from Kindergarten to Grade 6 students. We therefore selected the winning works (a total of 6 drawings).

Our President, Ms. Jacinthe Martin, accompanied by our project coordinator Ms. Sonia Fortin, went on site to deliver a donation on behalf of all our loyal clients to the principal of the school, au Coeur des Monts, Ms. Annie Parenteau.

It is with enthusiasm that Ms. Parenteau shared with us her plans. Indeed, our contribution will be used to repair synthetic soccer fields and the continuity of the literacy project, set up a few years ago, allowing children learning to read from kindergarten.

Sotech Nitram's team would like to thank the elementary school students for their participation in such large numbers, which made this event a great success. We wish you all a wonderful festive time of the year with your love ones!

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